Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathrooms can evoke such a great energy and are just as important as any other room in the house.  They are the room that gets us ready for the day just as much as a place to shower or bathe and unwind.  Use a mix of materials such as stones, ceramics, glass, metals and wood to create an environment that is truly captivating to you.  Here are some of my favorite baths:

 First, I would like to show a David Hicks Bath to the left and a Hicks inspired bath by Vogue to the right.  His style is so timeless as we see it today in various styles; classic, country and modern versions.

 I love the use of chandeliers and ornate or large mirrors to dress up the bathroom..

 I love the style of this bathroom and the one under it.  Both are from a Tuscan estate called Castello di Reschio.  The architect, Count Benedikt Bolza, and his mother, Countess Angelika Bolza, who runs the interior design studio have done such an amazing renovation.  Seamlessly combining classic and modern, each room carries its own presence and gracefully moves you to the next.  Visit the site at Castello di Reschio.

Another bathroom similar to the one above but with a more modern style.  Although, I wood have used a dark wood or marble flooring..

Speaking of marble, I love the use of a lot of marble throughout a bath..

And I just had to add this one.  It is from Paris's swanky hotel, Le Meurice Hotel , and was voted the best hotel bath or salle de bain in Europe.  It was designed by Phillippe Starck, of course.

 Here are some more contemporary bathrooms to throw into the mix.  Just as beautiful in their own right.  This first one is from a New York high-rise and has elements of wood, poured concrete,and stone/pebbles that give it a zen feeling.  The wood and the fireplace also make it feel warm and inviting..

This is Dona Karin's bath in NYC and was featured in NY Times Magazine.  It’s made of crosscut white travertine treated with a clear resin. Karan’s architects, Bonetti/Kozerski Studio, designed it as an extension of the apartment’s wraparound terrace.A door at the end of the bath leads to the terrace; at the other end (not visible) is a shower that can become a steam room when a glass partition is closed.

 I love, love open showers especially to the outdoors.. everyone should have one, even in New England.

And lastly, just a few more modern baths that I couldn't pass up...beautiful bathrooms and amazing views!



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