Monday, June 13, 2011

Exceptional Pottery

Pottery is an excellent option for an accessory.  It is eye-catching to have a piece on a set of books, on an end table or alone as a focal point in any room.  It is a great way to add an accent color or to artfully balance a colorful room by using a neutral color.
Here are some of the coolest I have found.  I have to start with one from Eva Zeisel as I wrote about her in my last blog.  I love the curves and this actually comes apart and can be used as separate vases. 

The second is from a friend of mine, Mike Jabbur.  His pottery is so unique; I love the forms and colors he creates.  I have one of the bowls in a beautiful pale blue and it sits on my dresser.  He describes his work so well, "My pottery is about these very entities: material, form, utility, interaction and experience; through the exploration of these entities, I intend to re-engage the user with the vessel."  Please visit his webiste:   Here are just a few examples of his work..

One of the bowls that I own..

Liquor Set 1


Serving Bowl

This is another ceramist, Matthew Chamnbers:  I like the rings and the honed against the glazed portions.

 Here is a porcelain vessel from Peter Scroope.

This is designed by Roderick Vos from his fascination with the bath foam's flowing bubbles. Can be found at 

A pair of Glazed porcelaneous stoneware from Kawase Shinobu at Joan Mirviss:

And lastly, this little striped bowl from