Sunday, January 6, 2013

Painted Floors

One always thinks about painting the walls but why not consider painting a floor?  Granted this is not for every home but painting the floor can add a strong decorative element to a room.   I like to think of painting a floor when the room needs a little character or to give it an unexpected edge.  

Be aware that painting floors are more difficult than painting walls as you are dealing with different floor types and also need to consider furniture and foot traffic.  I recommend hiring a professional but here is a link from Elle Décor to get a sense of how it works and if you are handy enough to do yourself:  Elle Decor

Polyurethane is also something to consider.  It is a clear coat that can be used as a protective layer over the paint.  Be sure to know what finishes (flat, semi-gloss, etc.) are appropriate for the paint, the polyurethane and the floor type and for the look you want to achieve.

Imagine these spaces below without the painted floor to see how they give the room character.

Here are some floors tastefully done:

Painting floors a simple white or black can work beautifully as well..

Lastly, here are some kitchens that while they would be great with typical wood or stone flooring, have been painted successfully..

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